Q: Can we innovate creativity?

Lots of people think of creativity as something you are either have or you don’t. We’re not sure we agree. We suspect the process of being creative might be something we can cultivate. Join us to shake up our abilities and get over our creative block for good.

Join us for a quick-fire quiz, quite a good VR demo, and Q&A with our panel of speakers to see how we can help our creative juices gush.

Dr Sarah Neville, Artist and Practitioner, whose research is in the area of the transmission and transfer of embodied knowledge in immersive digital simulation environments.


Alex Degaris, Artist, who is researching creative collaboration in virtual environments. Their work Traces of You is on display at MOD. as part of the FLEX exhibition.


Maria Vieira, Lecturer in Education Futures and PhD Candidate in STEM at UniSA. She is passionate about delivering innovative education experiences that cultivate creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills in STEM.

Hosted by Bill Egan.

Free event, drinks available for purchase from 5pm.
Galleries will be open until 6pm to give attendees an opportunity to explore the FLEX exhibition before the event.