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Do you want to delve a bit deeper into some of the science behind our exhibits but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we have your back.

MOD.Cast has been produced by UniSA journalism students for this exact purpose. Listen through our catalogue to hear from some of the experts as they dig into the themes of our exhibitions.

You can find us here, or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

  • Season 6

    Join us for season 6 of MOD.Cast as we exploring decision making, sustainability and how we manage natural resources.

    MOD.Cast Season 5 was produced by UniSA journalism students Bill Frame and Jess Smith. The Senior Producer for this series is Elisabeth Williamson at Radio Adelaide Podcast Works.

  • Season 5

    Join us for season 5 of MOD.Cast as we go full incognito to look into invisibility in all its shapes and forms. This season of MOD.Cast sees us venturing under the sea and into the Cloud to understand the way that processes around us are not also so visible.

    Get ready to go deep as we bring you MOD.Cast season 5, starting Tuesday 12th April.

  • Season 4

    In this season of MOD.Cast we’re getting up close….  really close. We have teamed up Radio Adelaide and UniSA Journalism students to explore the underlying themes of our online exhibition UP CLOSE.

    We’ll put humanity under the microscope and look at how things within us, on us, and around us influence our personal and shared experiences. We’ll consider what drives our responses to touch, humour, relationships and our environment, and look at how our connections with machines will augment and enhance our lives into the future.

    Get ready to go deep as we bring you MOD.Cast season 4, starting Tuesday 5th October.

  • Season 3

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit humanity in late 2019 we suddenly realised that the systems that hold us together are fragile.

    In this season of MOD.Cast we have teamed up Radio Adelaide and UniSA Journalism students to explore the underlying themes of our online exhibition LIFE INTERRUPTED.

    A six part series, this season delves into our understanding of what is considered ‘essential’ and how we have had to find new ways to work, study and create, to be together while apart, take care of ourselves and others as well as find ways to build a similar but different world.

  • Season 2

    This time on MOD.Cast we have brought together three journalism students and teamed up with Radio Adelaide to create a podcast about the future. In this season explore their thoughts on how we will live in the not too distant future – everything from how we will build the cities of tomorrow to the foods we will eat and the jobs we’ll have.

    Do you want to know if we will really be genetically engineering our children and sending them to school in space? What about if you’ll be eating completely synthetic and emission-free hamburgers? Sitting alongside our SEVEN SIBLINGS FROM THE FUTURE, Season 2 draws on the research of local and national experts to answer these questions.

  • Season 1

    What happens when you bring together one of Australia’s newest and most innovative public museums, MOD. with a trio of final year journalism students?  MOD.Cast – a four-part podcast season that asks some of the big and controversial questions young people want to understand.


    The season explores reality in a virtual world, the blur between what is human and artificial intelligence, how the brain directs what we feel and how technology is changing what we know, understand and believe about our place in the world.


    MOD.Cast Season 1 includes interviews with some of the creators of MOD.IFY – the first exhibition at MOD. including researchers, artists and designers.

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