About Us

Photograph: Kate Bowman


MOD. is a futuristic museum of discovery. It’s a place to be and be inspired by ideas at the intersection of science, art, and innovation.

Our exhibitions are designed for people aged 15-25, showcasing how research shapes our understanding of the world around us to inform our futures.

MOD. is like no other museum experience in Australia. We bring together researchers, industries, and students to push boundaries, explore, and be inspired.

We present one in-gallery and one online exhibition each year, along with a program of workshops, talks and events.

Awards & Recognition

  • Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centres Awards

    Creative Exhibit — Birds and Bees, MOD.IFY, 2019

    Australian Interior Design Awards

    Best in State — Exhibition Studios, Birds and Bees, MOD.IFY, 2018

    Shortlisted for Installation Design Award, Grumpy Sailor, Cascade (Training Ground) HEDONISM 2020

    Australian Graphic Design Awards

    Distinction, Digital Design — Grumpy Sailor, Cascade, Training GroundHEDONISM, 2019

    Australian Screen Sound Guild Awards

    Nomination, Best Sound for Interactive Media — Thom Kellar and Thalia Colettis, SymbiosvilleHEDONISM, 2019.

    Museum and Galleries National Awards

    Temporary and Travelling Exhibitions:
    Highly Commended — Sleep Ops, WAGING PEACE, 2019
    Highly Commended — SEVEN SIBLINGS FROM THE FUTURE, 2020
    Shortlisted – Cell Invaders, IT’S COMPLICATED, 2021
    Shortlisted – Sea-habilitation, IT’S COMPLICATED, 2021
    Highly Commended — INVISIBILITY, 2022

    Highly Commended – FLEX, 2023

    Permanent Exhibition or Gallery Fitout:
    Winner — Karl Winda Telfer, Monkeystack and MOD., Kuri Kurru (Turning Circle) Our Kaurna Seasonal Touchscreens, 2022

    Indigenous Project:
    Winner — The Unbound Collective and MOD., REFLECT, 2022

    Community Engagement and Outreach:

    Highly Commended – Ethos, 2023

    Design Institute of Australia SA/NT Awards

    Gold Award — Exhibition Studios, Birds and Bees, MOD.IFY, 2018
    Gold Award — Exhibition Studios, Feeling Human, MOD.IFY, 2018
    Gold Award — Exhibition Studios, Sleep Ops, WAGING PEACE, 2019

    Merit Award – Exhibition Studios, Underground, INVISIBILITY, 2022

    Museums Australasia Multimedia and Publication Design Awards

    Highly Commended — MOD. website, 2019
    Highly Commended — HEDONISM exhibition branding, 2020
    Shortlisted — SEVEN SIBLINGS FROM THE FUTURE exhibition branding, 2020
    Highly Commended — F.A.B.L.E. app, 2021
    Highly Commended — SEVEN SIBLINGS FROM THE FUTURE app, 2021
    Winner — UP CLOSE, online exhibition, 2022

    PRIMER19 Emerging Designer Exhibition

    Honourable Mention — Kindness Credit Microchip, Peace Machines, WAGING PEACE, 2019

    SA Life Absolute Best Awards

    Finalist, Absolute Best Family Day Out, 2021

    Adelaide Fringe Awards

    Week 1 Award for Best Workshop or Event – Science on the Streets, 2022

    Winnovation Award

    Anika Johnstone, MOD.’s first Senior Exhibition Manager, 2018

    iGap Travel Guide Award

    Science Museum of the Year, 2023

    South Australian Tourism Awards

    Tourist Attraction finalist, 2023

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