Folding, Punching, Pattern Planning and Lacing. What happens when you combine patterns, randomisation and data?

Use chance with artist Kate Little to create your own generative art.

Who is running the workshop?

Kate Little is a painting and textiles artist based in Adelaide, South Australia who combines techniques from mathematics, textiles and music to create a controlled system that becomes a platform for exploring chance occurrences caused by the properties of materials. You can view her work at MOD. including selected works that use the Hilbert Curve, a continuous fractal space-filling curve.

I’m not good at art. Can I come?
Yes! All experience levels welcome. Kate will take you through the steps of your creation which will be determined by chance and pattern.

How much is it?
This workshop is $20 upon registration and includes a hot drink and snack. Places are limited.

How long does it go for?
Run time approximately 2 hours.

What should I bring?
All materials will be supplied so you won’t need to bring anything.